• 15 Oct 2012

    Implement roles within Iron Speed

    Iron Speed Designer has a clever tool called the Application Security Wizard to make it easier to assign roles within an application.

    Application Security Wizard

    The Application Security Wizard deals with the two main types of control:

    • Authorisation – Controls who can do what on the database; who would have access to which pieces of data and what will be unavailable or invisible to the user dependant on their log in role.
    • Authentication- Controls who can sign into the database and what roles are available.

    There are a variety of different user authentication security protocols available to you and it is vital that you choose the right one for the application you are making:

    • Database (User Table) – Uses the login and roles in database tables.
    • Microsoft Active Directory – Uses Microsoft Active Directory Server for user authentication.
    • Microsoft SharePoint – Uses Microsoft SharePoint groups.
    • Windows Authentication – Uses your ...
    • Iron Speed
  • 10 Oct 2012

    User roles within Iron Speed

    What is a role?

    A role is a set of behaviours, conditions and rights that can be applied to an actor within a particular situation. Roles can be applied to many different situations in society, however this mini report will focus on how roles can been implemented within a piece of software to make it more secure.

    What is the purpose of roles?

    Roles are controls that are assigned to an application. When roles have been assigned, it means that there is some protected data that can only be accessed via log in (username and password). Typical roles control:

    • Who can log into an application in the first place.
    • What data the user can have access to as read-only.
    • What data the user can update themselves; add, edit or delete.

    All companies want to use various user roles that allow different modes of access. The most common are:

    • Users – ...
    • Iron Speed

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