• 27 Jul 2012

    Why pay an hourly charge?

    It always starts well. When you're in the honeymoon period of a new website, everything works great.

    But then someone wants to change some text. Or show off an image of a new customer project. Or change the logo.


    From there problems can begin. Depending on your arrangement with your web designer you may well be paying an hourly charge to get these small changes made.

    There are two ways round this: either work out a maintenance agreement so costs are planned for, or invest in a website that you can edit yourself.

    For the second option, we would refer to this as a CMS or Content Management System. A CMS allows you to go in and make changes to the website as you wish. You can edit text, upload and insert images, create new content and pages, and run the website yourself. You can also create other users if ...

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  • 17 Jul 2012

    Light Speed Networking Coffee Morning

    The Light Speed team hit the streets to promote their networking breakfast!

    The weather was on our side as we marched the local business parks drumming up attendees for our networking coffee morning. It's so easy on an industrial estate such as ours to get wrapped up in your own world, and we felt it was time to really get to know the neighbours. There was a really positive response so we're looking forward to seeing some other local businesses.

    We were out to spread the word about our networking coffee morning but also talk about our new rapid website service Light Speed Foot Print.

    Light Speed IT Solutions are hosting a networking coffee morning on Wednesday 1st August at their office in Maldon. All are welcome to grab a slice of cake, chat business and offer a donation to Farleigh Hospice while you're there.

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  • 11 Jul 2012

    Responsive Design with Sitefinity – Part 2

    In my previous post, I discussed some of the benefits and options to making your website responsive and mobile friendly. In this post I will be detailing my experience using Sitefinity’s Responsive and Mobile Design.

    One of the major hindrances with converting the Light Speed IT Solutions website was that it hadn’t been designed to be responsive. Therefore there was a lot of preparation required to make it more mobile friendly: removing fixed widths, allowing images to scale and generally just creating a more fluid layout.

    Once the site had been prepared, using Sitefinity I began to create a new responsive and mobile design rule. This enabled me to declare how the site would respond to different devices and sizes. I could also opt to “transform the layout”, “open a specially prepared site” or load a specific CSS file for transformations. I could also select how I wanted the ...

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  • 03 Jul 2012

    Sitefinity upgrade 4.1 to 5.0

    Steps for sitefinityRecently, I went through a Sitefinity upgrade from version 4.1 (SP2) to version 5.0. During the upgrade process I came across numerous hurdles which really spun my head around. It was quite a challenge to get this work done and it could take a beginner to a state of confusion where they really struggle to put all the pieces together.

    Today’s blog is the start of a series of blogs where I will try to put all the pieces together for those who are new to Sitefinity and I aim to give you some relief from the confusion.

    Following below are some of the main areas that should be taken care of before you proceed with an upgrade. Further information about some of the Sitefinity versions and their service packs can be found here.

    1. Get the version number of the project you are about to upgrade. This can be found ...
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  • 21 Jun 2012

    Light Speed IT Solutions are Sitefinity's Partner of the Month!

    sitefinity-partner-of-the-month We love building superb looking websites packed with functionality, delivering exactly what our clients are after. So it's great to see our efforts being recognised by Telerik: in June they have selected us to be their partner of the month!

    We gained Gold partner status in January 2011, and have quickly scaled to the top of their partner lists for our commitment to making superb Sitefinity-driven sites. We've been consolidating our skills, attending conferences and exploring the new features of Sitefinity as they are released. The team have been showcasing what they've learned so an accolade like this is a great reward!

    We handle site design, site builds, migrations and upgrades for all versions of Sitefinity. If you're looking for exceptional design and quality-tested code for your next website project then get in touch.

    Check out our Sitefinity partner profile.

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