• 23 Jul 2012

    Sitefinity Email Campaigns with Version 5.1

    The latest version of Sitefinity was launched last week and included a handful of exciting new features and capabilities. The biggest and most talked about improvement is the ability to choose the platform in which you would like to use for your pages and templates: either traditional web forms or MVC. Everyone is talking about MVC so in this post I am going to focus on the e-mail campaign feature within Sitefinity and the improvements that Sitefinity 5.1 brings.


    So to begin with, Sitefinity have completely revamped the entire module to enable you to create a newsletter in exactly the same way you would create a webpage, you can use all your existing webpage widgets to keep the consistency of your website and newsletter streamlined and for clients that do not support images or styling, Sitefinity provides a text-only version of the message that can be set automatically or ...

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  • 13 Jul 2012

    Introducing Light Speed Foot Print

    light speed foot printWe've been beavering away at Light Speed House on a new product range we're sure you're going to love: I'm pleased to introduce Light Speed Foot Print.

    A lot of businesses when they're just starting out or trying to figure out how to establish themselves on the Internet need some help. And that's exactly what Light Speed Foot Print is all about: giving businesses a low cost option to making their first foot print on the Web. There's a range of prices to suit every budget, whether it's a tentative first step or a more serious content-managed website where you have full control.

    And there's a range of designs to choose from too: whatever your needs there's a look and feel that's bound to appeal. Our designers will take your company logo and integrate it with the design to achieve the message you're aiming for. With the many years ...

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  • 11 Jul 2012

    Responsive Design with Sitefinity – Part 2

    In my previous post, I discussed some of the benefits and options to making your website responsive and mobile friendly. In this post I will be detailing my experience using Sitefinity’s Responsive and Mobile Design.

    One of the major hindrances with converting the Light Speed IT Solutions website was that it hadn’t been designed to be responsive. Therefore there was a lot of preparation required to make it more mobile friendly: removing fixed widths, allowing images to scale and generally just creating a more fluid layout.

    Once the site had been prepared, using Sitefinity I began to create a new responsive and mobile design rule. This enabled me to declare how the site would respond to different devices and sizes. I could also opt to “transform the layout”, “open a specially prepared site” or load a specific CSS file for transformations. I could also select how I wanted the ...

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  • 02 Jul 2012

    Responsive Design Over a Cooked Breakfast

    This week was the first time I went out by myself and talked to a group of business owners and directors about the latest trend in website design and development.  I am going to give you a bit more information about this and what I went through on the day in my post.

    Coming from a non-technical background I worked in sales & marketing before the digital age, learning how to use a computer when 60 members of staff had to pre-book it for an hour at a time, it all seems a very long way from where we are today.  Now I work for a Software Development company who build web based database applications and design and develop CMS websites.  It is in the website arena that I am going to talk about today.

    responsive devicesThe demand for a website to look pretty and be functional on any mobile or ...

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  • 29 Jun 2012

    Online Wireframing Tools

    I have been trying out some online wireframing tools. These tools are useful for fast access to simple wireframing tools that are easy to use, and can be a useful resource for those creating their own site. Here's just a few of the online wireframing tools I tried out, with some advantages and disadvantages.

    mockingbird-screenshotMockingbird provides a variety of widgets for wireframing of websites and has a good setup except for the lack of some widgets. The interface for searching for the right widget is also neglected with the drop down menu provided making the process slower than it needs to be along with a search function that can add confusion as the number of widgets do not really meet the need for an individual search and using this can slow down the process even further these mixed can end up with you settling for a widget that fits but ...

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