• 13 Jul 2012

    LightSwitch and autosave

    Sometimes there is a need to develop an area of functionality that a system has not initially been designed to handle. Recently I needed to add an auto save feature into a LightSwitch application, something that really isn’t an expected development area in that style of application. This was developed for a client so that if any of the workforce left their computers with unsaved data on screen (something that can easily happen during the working day) that data shouldn’t be completely lost.

    This feature is made trickier by having validation rules on most of the screens within the LightSwitch application in question, which will prohibit saving until those validation criteria are met.  Therefore some method of handling the aforementioned situations are required.  Primarily there are 3 possible solutions, firstly to remove the required nature from the fields in the underlying data structure (this of course could and most likely ...

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