• 20 Oct 2011

    Hand coding alternatives

    Hand CodingIt is very possible to create real .Net web applications that do not need coding by hand with LightSwitch. We at Light Speed IT Solutions have created dozens of web applications to support internal processes for ourselves and our clients. We have created simple apps to track time spent on a project, to complex reporting systems. They all hook up to powerful SQL Server databases that provide vital information in a quick, simple and reliable fashion. Get the schema right and you can have the app created in one hour from start to finish.

    From the 60 minute app things start to get more complex as requirements get more demanding and require more thought and more planning. What LightSwitch does for you is to take away the drudgery of hand coding the same old data access, plumbing and user interface code over and over, it does in a reliable way. ...

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  • 19 Oct 2011

    Uses of Autocomplete box in Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch

    The autocomplete box within Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is an incredibly powerful tool that has many uses.

    There are several settings for the type of matching that can be used, these include, ‘Starts with’, ‘Contains’ & ‘Equals’ Each of these can be case sensitive or insensitive.

    The autocompletebox can be used for a variety of tasks within a Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch application, the first and probably most used place is to select data from a linked entity (where we may have in the past used a combobox), the advantage of this is we can filter the data by typing into the box, thereby not having to display all records at once, this post will not be dealing with these instances as the development environment deals with them automatically.

    A second big use of the autocompletebox is for filter screens of data, often for reporting purposes. In these screen a ...

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