• 22 May 2011

    Top 5 Features of Portfolio Management Software

    moleskin portfolioWe've designed different portfolio management systems for our clients at Light Speed IT Solutions. Looking at customer needs it's easy to distill their requirements down to a few key features that make financial software just work:

    1. Excellent filtering. By their nature these applications contain a lot of data and need versatile drop-downs to help restrict the view to only the information you need right now.
    2. Variety of assets. To be flexible the app must allow for different investment types, such as shares, funds, properties and allow enough detail for each.
    3. Reports. One feature requested again and again surround reports, so that the data can be summarised and presented in a variety of formats.
    4. Exports. It's useful to be able to get the data or report out in a format that can be emailed or printed for easy reference, so exporting to PDF, Word or Excel is vital.
    5. Responsive interface....
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