• 25 Oct 2011

    Underwriting Support Specialist Vehicle Quote and Buy

    Here's a few words on a recent project we completed, to give you an idea of the some of the work we do here.

    Graham Sykes of Underwriting Support was keen to exploit the power of the web to enhance his business. Graham’s company wanted an online insurance Quote & Buy system developed to initially handle specialist vehicles. He approached us with his ideas which were well thought out and on the ball. Graham had scoured the markets, but was unable to find anyone offering the service he needed to bring his ideas to the market. He then made immediate contact with us and we were able to listen to his ideas and put them into action.

    Graham had already done the hard part when we'd started. He knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted the site to work. We were able to take his ideas and from ...

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  • 21 Oct 2011

    A Method to Our Madness

    Hofstadter's Law: Any computing project will take twice as long as you think it will -- even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

    There are frequent newspaper articles and new reports of government or large corporate projects running late or massively over budget showing that there is some truth to Hofstadter’s Law.

    Why is this case? Software development is highly complex undertaking requiring skilled people to design, implement the application and to manage the process. It is also a relatively new field of engineering. In the early days of programming, programs were small and could be written in a few days by a single person. As computers become more powerful, the size and complexity of software grew proportionally. More and more people were required to develop and manage the applications and thus the first generation of development methodologies were born. A software development methodology is a process that is ...

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  • 20 Oct 2011

    Hand coding alternatives

    Hand CodingIt is very possible to create real .Net web applications that do not need coding by hand with LightSwitch. We at Light Speed IT Solutions have created dozens of web applications to support internal processes for ourselves and our clients. We have created simple apps to track time spent on a project, to complex reporting systems. They all hook up to powerful SQL Server databases that provide vital information in a quick, simple and reliable fashion. Get the schema right and you can have the app created in one hour from start to finish.

    From the 60 minute app things start to get more complex as requirements get more demanding and require more thought and more planning. What LightSwitch does for you is to take away the drudgery of hand coding the same old data access, plumbing and user interface code over and over, it does in a reliable way. ...

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  • 19 Oct 2011

    Uses of Autocomplete box in Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch

    The autocomplete box within Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is an incredibly powerful tool that has many uses.

    There are several settings for the type of matching that can be used, these include, ‘Starts with’, ‘Contains’ & ‘Equals’ Each of these can be case sensitive or insensitive.

    The autocompletebox can be used for a variety of tasks within a Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch application, the first and probably most used place is to select data from a linked entity (where we may have in the past used a combobox), the advantage of this is we can filter the data by typing into the box, thereby not having to display all records at once, this post will not be dealing with these instances as the development environment deals with them automatically.

    A second big use of the autocompletebox is for filter screens of data, often for reporting purposes. In these screen a ...

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  • 18 Oct 2011

    Turning On the Lights With LightSwitch

    microsoft lightswitch

    A new product for developers from Microsoft is here: Visual Studio LightSwitch.

    Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to accelerate the production of data centric applications, those applications that are at the foundation of most business applications.

    So how does this work?

    A database can be created within Visual Studio LightSwitch itself or linked to from outside (using either a standard provider or a WCF RIA Service). LightSwitch itself will then generate an Entity framework based on the database objects.

    Data entry and display screens can be created using predetermined templates with the Visual Studio LightSwitch environment, these can be created based on the database entities or queries built on top of these.

    A basic data entry application can be created without the need to actually write any code, and more complex applications can be created with custom code added.

    LightSwitch comes with a core set of controls and styles, this, ...

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