• 24 Nov 2011

    Cycle Clipboard Ring

    Cycle Clipboard Ring

    When developing web applications with Visual Studio and Iron Speed Designer, I often want to store multiple items in the Windows clipboard instead of being restricted to a single item.

    Did you know a feature already exists inside Visual Studio to allow this? It’s called Cycle Clipboard Ring.

    When you copy text inside Visual Studio, it adds the text to its first-in-first-out clipboard ring which stores the 20 most recent items you have copied.

    To cycle through this ring, you can either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V, or you can click Cycle Clipboard Ring under the Edit menu, as shown in the screenshot.

    Don’t forget to check out the rest of my series for more Visual Studio Tips.

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  • 22 Nov 2011

    14 Million QR Codes Scanned in 1 Month

    14 million QR codes

    Following our blog last week regarding QR codes, Top SEO Liverpool have created a very cool infographic pulling together various statistics on the use of QR codes.

    There's a number of interesting bullet points to take away:

    • 53% of users are between the age of 18 - 34
    • 14 million Americans scanned a code in July 2011
    • 46% who scan QR codes do it for discounts

    Head on over to their site now to see this interesting graphic.

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  • 21 Nov 2011

    Formatting Documents with Visual Studio

    Visual Studio Formatting

    In my series of Visual Studio tips, I would like to share little shortcuts and tips I have picked up over the last few years of developing Iron Speed web applications with Visual Studio. You may already know several of the shortcuts I plan on sharing, but it’s always nice discovering a shortcut you didn’t know about before.

    During development, the code or mark-up can easily loose the correct indentation which makes it difficult to find where sections begin and end.

    To format and indent your document according to the pre-defined rules in Visual Studio, you can use the Format Document shortcut; Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D, which will format the entire file.

    If you only want to format a section of code or markup, you can instead use the Format Selection shortcut; Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F, which will only format the selected code.

    Both shortcuts ...

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  • 15 Nov 2011

    Cracking the QR Code

    QR Code

    Recognise the image on the right?

    If this weird mess of blobs and dots means nothing to you, this is a QR Code (Quick Response). Some text is buried within this pattern and could contain almost anything though what they are most commonly used for is a quick way to give people a link to a website. Most smartphones come bundled with an app that lets you read the code using your camera or apps can be downloaded for free. If you have a smartphone handy, try scanning the code!

    QR codes are all the rage in marketing at the moment as it's a handy and useful way to get a customer to use a link when all they have is their phone nearby, so it can be used on posters, billboards, signs... you name it. Some TV programmes have been using them as shortcuts to other information, such as ...

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  • 07 Nov 2011

    Google+ Pages for Companies

    yellow pages

    The latest kid on the Social Networking block, Google+ has just opened its doors to businesses.

    If you go to the Create Page link now for your business you may be able to create your own listing for your brand or business. This gives the social marketer another way to connect with their potential audience, along with Facebook pages, Foursquare checkins and all the others.

    There are a few caveats to creating a page: not everyone has access to do so yet, but should be available by the end of the week (that's why there isn't a Light Speed one yet at the time of writing!). Also like a Facebook page they have to be created by someone who already has an account. However watch out - at the moment each page can only have one admin. You can't spread the responsibilities around yet.

    How will you use your Google+ ...

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