• 23 Jan 2012

    Outsourcing IT Services Within The UK

    Many UK companies are now considering outsourcing IT services within the UK. Some of them are doing it in addition to their offshore outsourcing developments, while others are simply supporting the economy by involving themselves with local suppliers. In the previous blog I was discussing about advantages & disadvantages of offshore IT Outsourcing. A few days back we interviewed some of our clients regarding their experience with offshore and onshore outsourcing providers. This blog will include some of those interview responses.

    One of our clients Steve said “Driving from Surrey to Maldon is much cheaper than taking a flight to India. Sometimes we need to bring the developers onsite to show them what our other applications are like and what quality and style we prefer. We need to give them proper training before handing over the responsibilities. Companies which are relatively smaller like mine could never afford to do it ...

    • Software Applications
  • 19 Jan 2012

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Offshore IT Outsourcing

    Following our recent white paper on Outsourcing, this blog series will discuss more about outsourcing of Information Technology.  Previously the conflict was between doing the job in house or outsourcing. Nowadays, outsourcing has become such a hot trend that the conflict is between choosing onshore or offshore outsourcing.

    Offshoring is simply the exporting of business functions to another country. Currently the major players in offshoring are India followed by Philippines and China etc. Offshoring has been very popular mainly because of reduced cost and tax. Some of the advantages of offshoring are-

    • Cost: Cutting cost and taxes is the main reason behind companies embracing offshoring. Companies can save on labour cost, employee supervision and management cost, office space and equipment cost and so on.
    • Exploiting the Time Zone Advantage: Offshoring gives companies the advantage of exploiting the time zone by receiving round the clock benefits.
    • Flexibility: Offshoring provides the companies with certain flexibilities including eliminating hiring and termination ...

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