• 22 Feb 2012

    Testing in the Real World: Tesco Credit Card Edition

    I recently found myself applying for my first ever credit card and following a poor offer from my own bank I turned to the internet to look around for a better deal. I decided to go with the Tesco Credit Card; I jumped on their website and worked my way through the online application process. My application was successful and just as I was being walked through the closing stages of the application I had to click the back button to confirm something I entered on the previous screen.

    This is where my problems started. As soon as I attempted to continue with the application I was presented with a warning message saying that because I clicked the ‘Back’ button in my browser my session had been timed out for security purposes. I can appreciate this from a security perspective given the ease of Form Tampering so started the application ...

    • Testing
  • 14 Feb 2012

    Finding Solutions to Project Management Issues

    Sometimes, despite reading through your entire background, gutting it and giving it a go, you simply can't understand why something doesn't work correctly. Or possibly you can't work out how to make progress. There is a fantastic site available on the market for all  Project Managers. It’s called PM Stack Exchange.

    If you are not informed about it, the Stack Exchange network is really a thriving community of questions and answers, born out of programming hub Stack Overflow. The plethora of sites elevated is continuing to grow lately to add in many diverse subjects including cooking, photography and maths. To start with, have a look at the question asked by our very own Gary Fenn on Charting Kanban.

    • Project Management

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