• 31 Mar 2012

    Using User Stories

    One of the artefacts of many agile methodologies, particularly Scrum, is the User Story. Depending on your background you may have a different opinion on what this phrase means. If you have any experience in development you'll probably translate the phrase in your head into "use case".

    A User Story has a certain slant on it: it helps revolve the development around the user. Rather than getting excited and trying to build the most high-tech and capable system with all bells and whistles, grounding development in User Stories means a feature should only be considered if it has a direct benefit to a user.

    A User Story has an ideal format that helps structure them:

    As a <user> I want to <action>, so that <benefit>

    Essentially, you're trying to crystalize a feature or idea into one simple sentence. The user is often a number of groups: from internal users of a system, to system ...

    • Project Management
  • 31 Mar 2012

    Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

    Once you start going down the road of agile software development, one of the first things you think about is how you’re going to keep records of everything. You can’t beat whiteboards or pen and paper, this stuff is good for the big picture, but at some point you’re going to want to draw all this data into one place, report on all of it to your stakeholders, and make it available on the web to relevant parties at the same time.

    Internally we use Team Foundation Server to track our metrics and that works well for us, however there are advantages to being located in one office. What if you have multiple teams in different areas? You need a web app for the job!

    There’s no end to web-based applications out there related to project management: Basecamp, TeamPulse, ProjectorPM... a quick search will throw up tons of resources with ...

    • Project Management
  • 29 Mar 2012

    What exactly does PSD to HTML mean?

    This is a funny term if you are not in the industry, and what industry does it even belong to?  Let me tell you in my blog what it means.

    Firstly you need to work in the world of Information Technology (IT) and that is quite a broad area.  Strictly speaking you’ll be a designer or work for a design house, not so strictly speaking you will work for a software development company, web design agency, be part of a development or web team within a company, or freelance and work for yourself.

    PSD is a Photo Shop Document, a file that contains image layers that are embedded within the document and the instructions (settings) that allow you to view the images exactly as the designer wants you to (size, colour depth and tones etc).  These are often what design houses use to draw up the ...

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