• 06 Sep 2012

    Where is my Critical Path?

    So just where is my critical path?

    Light Speed: Shown is a cliff top path - example of a path that is critical to follow

    CPA is a planning and project management tool that we use here at LSITS to ensure a project is completed as quickly as possible, and resources used as efficiently as possible. It is vital that the information obtained at the start of the project is accurate and therefore we take time out to understand our clients requirements and make sure that everything is captured. 

    Light Speed: A list of Activities that have interconnections that are the paths

    In the diagram above the duration of each activity is listed above each node. For each path, add the duration of each node to determine its total duration. The critical path is the one with the longest duration.

    There are three paths in the example diagram above.

    Light Speed: Shown is a list of paths - the longest one is 18 days and is the Critical Path

    Identifying the critical path to any project will:

    • Help you identify the activities that must be completed on time in order to complete the whole project on time.
    • Show you which tasks ...
    • Project Management

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