• 09 Sep 2013

    A positive approach to quality management – Keep it simple!

    Another year has gone by and we have regained our ISO 9001:2008 certification!!

    Within the first quarter of the new year I was filled with apprehension as my thoughts return once again to the looming ISO audit in May.... ekk..... why does it come round so quickly..... must be something to do with my age, but time does seem to gallop by at an alarming rate these days. No sooner has the certificate plopped onto the door mat it seems like we are off again preparing for the next review.

    Although the process is a continual one throughout the year the inevitable happens and the paper work and systems need updating to reflect the numerous changes that have gone on. Sleepless nights, endless paper work and numerous meetings to review return and the inevitable deluge of last minute panics ensue.  I must say that despite the pressure that any audit....even ...

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  • 03 Sep 2013

    Severity vs Priority – Get Triaging

    This topic is frequently discussed in blogs, with a great many variations on what is right and wrong, the pitfalls, and assumptions.

    In brief, the severity of a defect is extremely hard to identify unless the cause of the symptom has been fully explored and implications considered on a wider level.  Severity is very subjective; for who is the symptom severe?  How frequently? What are the risks to data, security, reputation etc.?  How can severity be fully determined by looking at a symptom?  A severe symptom may require a very easy low risk fix, or a minor looking symptom may actually be masking an extremely damaging cause that has dire consequences elsewhere.

    Priority is simply identifying which defects should be fixed or investigated in which order, but according to whose needs? 

    The key issue is the Triage process.

    A tester or developer may raise the defect on a tracking system ...

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