26 Apr 2012

Telerik Test Studio versus Microsoft Test Manager

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I was working in the lab, late one nightI've been using Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager together for a while. The integration between Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio was a plus and ‘somehow’ made my test execution and automation quicker - not easier - but it does have great benefits.

So Telerik Test Studio came along, was very promising, as a tester I’ve decided to give it a try. I must admit, I was impressed. Not just for all the extra features, but more by the fact that was really reliable.

So, which one to use? Based on the experience that I had with both I came with the following conclusions:

Telerik Test Studio:

  • Telerik Test Studio is a flexible tool for non technical people who want to explore the automation world in more depth. This doesn’t mean that you cannot go wild with codes and etc; is possible to create custom-coded steps.
  • The UI is very logical and provides a great User Experience.
  • Test verifications are much easier to add. The results are detailed, very responsive and tests are easy to maintain.
  • The integration that Telerik Test Studio has with Visual Studio is smooth, they seemed very well connected and it feels like a natural part of Visual Studio.
  • The ability to add an External Data Source for the test is also a plus, and is not just about the functionality, is about how simple can be to do something that could be really complicated.
  • The logical steps are simple to use.
  • Cross browser testing seems like a useful feature, but the reality wasn’t that positive. It's a clumsy process, and didn't execute well on different browsers.
  • Test Studio for iOS is a big thing. To be able to test native, web and hybrid apps is a must have with the growth that Apple is experiencing at the moment. 35 million iPhones were sold in the first three months of the year and 12 million iPads. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I am looking forward to it.
  • Along with Functional and Mobile Testing Telerik Test Studio allows users to create Load and Performance Testing as well.

Telerik Test Studio has lot of great features, the simplicity with which I could add complexity into my tests was what really impressed me, but is that enough? What does Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio provide to users?

Microsoft Test Manager

  • Visual Studio has been out there for a while now, and is the developers' favourite. Coded UI is a great way to automate tests, but it can turn into something deeply complex and result with failure on execution.
  • The integration with Microsoft Test Manager is a bonus as it is possible to import recorded actions and turn into Coded UI.
  • Anything is possible with Visual Studio, but it will require a code knowledge that you wouldn’t expect for most of the testers out there. Also even with the right skills, automation and maintenance of automated tests on Visual Studio can take a while and it is not reliable as tend to fail for numerous reasons.
  • However, the Coded UI Test Builder is a great feature, the ability to add assertions is also very handy.
  • Performance, Load and functional testing are just part of the different test types that can be executed with Visual Studio, so many things are available but the complicated UI loses a few points.

I’ve been using Visual Studio and Test Manager for a while now, a variety of different tests and environments were created, what gave me the opportunity to try different things, Telerik Test Studio is great, but I do still need more time to test to get into any final conclusions.

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