• 19 Apr 2012

    Reflecting on Sitefinity & Beyond 2012

    On Tuesday 17th April Telerik hosted Sitefinity & Beyond, their first conference for Sitefinity users, partners and developers. As Gold partners we eagerly signed up, and three of the team including myself went along for the ride.

    Hosted in London’s stunning British Museum, we were surprised to see delegates from all over Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Finland and many more countries. It was very well attended and our hosts put on a varied show. I’m going to go through the sessions and summarize my feelings on each one.

    Sitefinity 5.1 Preview

    Ivan Osmak took us through a comprehensive tour of what we can expect in the upcoming Sitefinity 5.1. Don’t expect mind-blowing bells and whistles, it’s all about performance and stability in the latest upgrade. There’s also a Syncfusion-style service that converts files to PDF on the fly and by extension allows full text searching of the content. ...

  • 18 Apr 2012

    To Sitefinity... and Beyond!

    Yesterday three of the Light Speed team including me went to the Sitefinity & Beyond conference in London. It was an inspiring and thought-provoking show and the first of its kind that Sitefinity have offered. I'll be covering off the main topics and my review of the day in a later post, but here's a couple of snapshots that illustrate the day.


    Hristo Borisov led a seminar in building feature-rich custom modules. He also put this true fact on the screen!


    Our front-end developer Alex takes a break. Isn't it amazing how much caffeine helps knowledge intake!

  • 13 Apr 2012

    Why so Blue?

    I still remember the first time I used Instagram. The retro vibe inspired me, the whole exclusivity feeling, the ability to show that I was part of that small group of people that could achieve such a great transformation into my pictures, was a great feeling.

    Suddenly it wasn’t just me posting those unique pictures on Facebook, the feeling of exclusivity was gone, but I was still excited about the whole retro vibe until Social Network pages were overloaded with those types of pictures. Suddenly the retro vibe wasn’t different and inspiring anymore, it turned into just common pictures.

    Thinking about it isn’t that the same feeling that everybody once experienced when using a social network for the first time? 

    In the beginning it is great, everything is new, the learning curve, the new feeling. Everything is great until you start to see the same things, from the same people, ...

    • Software Applications
  • 12 Apr 2012

    Realities behind cheap SEO

    Companies show up on the first page of Google not because of luck or magic trick. Well, they do have some magical Keywords (which are very competitive by the way) and they have been spending a good amount of money on their SEO. So if you are thinking that you can take their place with an unrealistic budget, you need to think twice! If anyone is trying to sell you your dream ranking at some ridiculous price like £100/month, that person simply does not have any idea about the effort required to achieve good ranking. To be honest, I doubt if they even have the necessary skills to look after your SEO campaign.

    If you understand the value of getting your desired ranking, you must hire a genuine SEO expert (not any dressed up SEO guru having no idea about SEO) and pay him/her the actual fees. If you look ...

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  • 12 Apr 2012

    Google Is Watching You!

    Google is watching you

    A little birdie told us that Google is looking for over-optimised pages and sites which means that all of the websites that have great SEO but lower quality content are going to be penalised. So, in case you have a website which happens to have way too many keywords on a page (Header, footer, image descriptions, site map, you name it!), or you are exchanging huge numbers of links with sites that you actually don’t have any relevance to, you better be careful!

    What we believe in LSITS is, it’s not necessarily useful to be number one in Google if you continue to have a high bounce rate. What’s the purpose of ranking higher when your visitors leave your website without even taking a look at your content or your conversion rate is really poor?  

    We are just happy to know that our clients are not worried about getting ...

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