• 23 Jul 2012

    BYOD and Mobile Testing

    lots-of-phonesI recently heard someone mention the idea of a ‘Virgin Device’ for testing; it was nice to finally be able to put a name to a concept that I have actually been using for a while now. In the context of testing a virgin device is a device (say a tablet or phone) that has been bought with the sole purpose of being used as a test bed for application development. This means the only time the device is going to get used is to view a particular application under test.

    I’m not sure this is a concept that I agree with. By testing in such a way it means the device is not going to accurately represent what a real life usage scenario might be (i.e. it’s used on a daily basis for other tasks such as email, calendars, games, etc). As testers we write ‘User Stories’ ...

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  • 23 Jul 2012

    Sitefinity Email Campaigns with Version 5.1

    The latest version of Sitefinity was launched last week and included a handful of exciting new features and capabilities. The biggest and most talked about improvement is the ability to choose the platform in which you would like to use for your pages and templates: either traditional web forms or MVC. Everyone is talking about MVC so in this post I am going to focus on the e-mail campaign feature within Sitefinity and the improvements that Sitefinity 5.1 brings.


    So to begin with, Sitefinity have completely revamped the entire module to enable you to create a newsletter in exactly the same way you would create a webpage, you can use all your existing webpage widgets to keep the consistency of your website and newsletter streamlined and for clients that do not support images or styling, Sitefinity provides a text-only version of the message that can be set automatically or ...

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  • 20 Jul 2012

    The less obvious methods of internet access

    More and more devices are finding themselves WiFi enabled. What this means from a website testing perspective is that there are more and more devices that can potentially be used to access your site. I’ve listed a couple below that you might not have considered:

    • Next Generation Consoles – As gaming has evolved so has the hardware, both Playstation and Wii are both equipped with web browsers, along with their hand held counterparts the Vita and 3DS. Not only do you have to consider limited screen space, but also the fact that they are using very different and usually bespoke browsers as well as the unique interfaces that you will use it interact with each device (controllers, touch screens, etc). N.B. Strangely there is currently no browser for the Xbox 360 – a device made by Microsoft (kings of the web browser game)
    • TVs – The majority of high ...
  • 19 Jul 2012

    Free Your Data

    excel file in use

    Outgrown Access or Excel? Can't find the data you need quickly? Can't report on the data easily? Or was your colleague working on it and locked the file?

    Sounds familiar to us.  All businesses have these sorts of problems. What starts out as a small system turns organically  into a huge store for business-critical information and the spreadsheets or emails don't cut it any more. Suddenly something has to be done to extract the data easily. Often complex formulas and little software fixes make the solution work in the short term however it doesn't give your business any room to grow and certainly won't get any better as time goes by. So what exactly do you do?

    Well you may want to grow, at the very least be more profitable. By systemising data previously stored in Excel spreadsheets, Outlook emails or Access databases you can have a solution built to your ...

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  • 17 Jul 2012

    Light Speed Networking Coffee Morning

    The Light Speed team hit the streets to promote their networking breakfast!

    The weather was on our side as we marched the local business parks drumming up attendees for our networking coffee morning. It's so easy on an industrial estate such as ours to get wrapped up in your own world, and we felt it was time to really get to know the neighbours. There was a really positive response so we're looking forward to seeing some other local businesses.

    We were out to spread the word about our networking coffee morning but also talk about our new rapid website service Light Speed Foot Print.

    Light Speed IT Solutions are hosting a networking coffee morning on Wednesday 1st August at their office in Maldon. All are welcome to grab a slice of cake, chat business and offer a donation to Farleigh Hospice while you're there.

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