29 Mar 2012

What exactly does PSD to HTML mean?

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This is a funny term if you are not in the industry, and what industry does it even belong to?  Let me tell you in my blog what it means.

Firstly you need to work in the world of Information Technology (IT) and that is quite a broad area.  Strictly speaking you’ll be a designer or work for a design house, not so strictly speaking you will work for a software development company, web design agency, be part of a development or web team within a company, or freelance and work for yourself.

PSD is a Photo Shop Document, a file that contains image layers that are embedded within the document and the instructions (settings) that allow you to view the images exactly as the designer wants you to (size, colour depth and tones etc).  These are often what design houses use to draw up the ideas for a client’s website; they will show them to the client to gain some feedback on their interpretation of the customer’s designs and ideas for their website or web pages.  It is a really quick way of pulling designs together without spending hours on software development.

HTML is hyper text mark up language.  It is not a programming language though it is a set of mark up tags and HTML uses these tags to describe web pages.  Web browsers (like Firefox or Chrome) read HTML documents and do not display the HTML tags but use the tags to interpret the content of the page and show us pretty web pages.

Now I did say I was going to tell you what that expression ‘PSD to HTML’ means.  I work for a bespoke software development company and we work with many design houses that send us their PSD files which we use as our source files and then turn them from static images into living web pages.  Basically design houses love to design and we being a web development company love to develop.  

Together we deliver great results that keep all companies happy, design houses and web design agencies send us their PSD and assets for each page, we use Sitefinity CMS and a number of other software development tools and applications to build beautiful web based applications that simply get wrapped up in a funny term ‘from PSD to HTML’. 

Are there any other industry related terms you have heard that you’d like us to explain?  Please do leave your feedback for us and we will try and answer your questions.

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