What is an Apprenticeship? (Part 2)

by User Not Found | Aug 08, 2012

This is part 2 of our "what is an apprentice? blog. Read part 1 here.

In the previous blog post we looked at what an apprentice is and the history of apprenticeships in the UK. In this post we will look more at the practicalities of being an apprentice, what you could learn and what you could get at the end of the scheme.

What will I learn?

That will depend on what sector of industry you decide to go into. Traditionally apprentices went into the construction industry to become Electricians, Welders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Brick Layers and so on BUT the world of work is far more diverse now and so the sectors you can enter into are very varied.

Your availability of choice will depend directly on the possible employers that there are in the area where you want to live or study and hence why you need to visit an establishment like connections who will know about skill shortages in the area you live in and will be in a position to advise about possibilities that you may not even know existed.

Very popular are:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
  • Arts, Media and Publishing
  • Business, Administration and Law
  • Construction, Planning and the Built Environment
  • Education and Training
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Health, Public Services and Care
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Leisure, Travel and Tourism
  • Retail and Commercial Enterprise

graduation passing examsHaving decided what area that you will enter most Apprentices will learn the underpinning knowledge at Level 2 or 3 (2 is GCSE level 3 is A Level) that enables them to carry out work in the trade that they have selected. The award that you will study for is usually referred to as A Certificate or A Diploma and will consist of a number of specialist subjects that will be agreed as necessary by your employer. Each Unit you study and successfully pass will provide you with a number of points. These points are added together and when you have sufficient points (usually 21 – 28 points) you will receive your award. Because the world of work has become very specialised, a lot of these Units will be learned by you whilst you are actually attending work. This is a great departure from the traditional teaching of theory as much of what you will do will be ‘hands on’ experience of carrying out relevant tasks. For example if you are a care assistant then you will learn by actually taking care of a care resident rather than reading a book describing how this should be done.

A good general level of education is also required to ensure that you are successful in the world of work so as well as this specialist knowledge that makes up you Certificate or Diploma you will also study (usually at Level 2 – the GCSE Level) English, Maths and IT / Communication  Studies which were / are known as Key skills. Many apprentices for whatever reason leave school without having gained GCSEs in these subjects and so you could regard this as a catch up exercise. Good news if you did pass your GCSEs in these subjects at A-C then you will be exempt from these studies and saved yourself a lot of time and effort.  If you got some of them and not others then you may find yourself doing one or two of them. Discuss this with the person that will be known as your Assessor. Your Assessor will visit you at work typically every 5-6 weeks or so to look at Unit work that you have been carrying out and to look at your portfolio.

What is a portfolio?

I the old days Apprentices were taught. They sat in Classrooms and were lectured on Theory, or they were in Workshops and were shown the processes and methods needed in their industry. Today Learners learn. They have access to computers and hence the biggest Library in the world and are guided on what subjects that they need to research. Often colleges will provide a VLE (virtual learning environment – which is a special web site that the college makes sure all the content is your course relevant, and of course controls access to with user names and passwords) which will have Interactive learning materials written by them or by experts in your field of study. Now the big question... How do we know that you have done all these things and that you have understood what you have studied? In the old days you would have had a test which was just a set of questions which most people in education could predict would come up that year and this is not a very comprehensive way of assessing people as it only proves that they know about the areas the questions covered which could be as little as 40% of the total course material. The portfolio however requires you to collect evidence that you understand every learning outcome of every unit that you need to complete. If you have been asked to complete 10 Units and each has 20 learning outcomes then quick maths 200 pieces of evidence. That results in quite a full Portfolio of evidence and requires a lot of organisation which is why your assessor will visit every 5 to 6 weeks. The evidence can be A Report, A Case Study, A list of Oral Questions that you have answered (to an expert witness which will have been agreed by the college), A sound recording of an Interview or professional discussion, A practical piece of work that you have carried out, Pictures or a Video, Computer Print Outs, Drawings or Sketches. Ideally your Portfolio should contain a lot of different types of evidence as many can be used as the same evidence for Key Skills of IT / Communications, English and Maths.

How Long does all this take?

Typically a year. The study you undertake can be started and finished at any time as you are not tied to College term time. The rules are that you will be working at least 30 hours per week.

What’s Next?

Having passed your first stage you could then consider going on with the following options;

  • Advanced Level Apprenticeship (Level 3 Minimum)
  • Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4 – which is a Degree level course)

Your employer of course would have to agree that they needed you to achieve at these higher levels or you could finance the studies yourself but bare in mind that you might have to change jobs or move location or both

Make a start today?

It is beyond doubt that there is a skill shortage in the UK at the moment. Take the plunge today and commit to learning a skill. The government coined a phrase in 2002 “Life Long Learning” (LLL) and this is now the prevalent outlook of the future for education in almost every European country. To build a future where the pace of change of technology is very fast you need people to start that learning now and to see that start as just the beginning. We live in exciting times.

A Case Study

dan mitchell web design apprenticeOne of our own Apprentices started with Light Speed this year. We were unsure about which discipline our trainee would like to pursue so for the first 6 weeks we let the Apprentice get “feet under the table” and work with our Design team for a while and then our Software Development Team. Once that experience was complete we seconded them to Quality Assurance so that an experience of Testing could be had. For a two week period the Apprentice went with Marketing and Sales to experience dealing directly with customers and prospective clients. At the end of this familiarisation with the business the Apprentice chose to commit to a study within the design environment.  The Scheme our people are on is called Advanced Apprenticeship IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals Level 3, they are studying for Certificate and Diplomas in ICT Professional Competence  (4520-01/02/03/04). They have an Assessor come into the work place every five weeks who examine the Portfolios that are in preparation and offer support and guidance if anything about the scheme is unclear or has not been understood correctly. The best thing about the scheme as that the Apprentices actually enjoy being here and there positive contribution is a great asset to the company.


We are very fortunate here in Maldon that Essex County Council have a very active Employability & Skills Unit who actively promote to local firms the idea that it is everyone in the Town’s best interest to employ local people especially school leavers who might otherwise just drift away from the town and start lives in different parts of the country. The age of people that live in our town is every increasing and no one would want Maldon to become the soul reserve of retired gentle folk. What is wanted for Maldon is a good mix of people children, teenagers, adults, grandparents in order for the Town to be a proper community. ECC are keen for members of our team to visit youngsters in their Schools and colleges and let them know about the work that goes on in their town which hopefully they could be joining in with when they leave school.


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